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What is Easy-Python?

Easy-Python(ePy) is a programming language, it can be run with micro controller.

It's easy to learn and study, you don't need to install any IDE and compile.

Just open the text editor, you can start write your program.

Feature of Easy-Python

  1. I2C.
  2. LED.
  3. SAR ADC.
  4. SPI.
  5. GPIO.
  6. UART.
  7. Timer_pwm.
  8. KEY.
  9. Music.
  10. G sensor.
  11. Light detect.

ePy Board

  1. Components of ePy Board(Positive) :
    • Key A B C D
    • Five of RGB LED
    • Gold Finger interface include: I2S,Codec,OID,GPIO ..
      ePy Board Positive
  2. Components of ePy Board(Negative) :
    • ARM Cortex-M3 MCU
    • SPI Flash 8MB
    • USB interface, supports CDC+MSC
    • Accelemeter
    • Buzzer
    • Gold Finger interface include: ADC,UART,I2C,SPI ..
      ePy Board Negative